Friday, August 17, 2012

Z is for Zoo

I have a like/dislike relationship with zoos.  I like zoos because it is a great place to see and learn about animals from all over the world.  I dislike zoos because I feel animals should be able to roam freely in their own habitats.

I have been to a few good zoos or animal parks as some are called and have been impressed with the quality and care for the animals.  I have also been to a few zoos that were awful in my eyes...huge cages and not very inviting.

Perhaps I am just spoiled with the wonderful animals that live amongst our backyard.

Come check out what Marcy and others are Blogging Through the Alphabet!

I also want to give a shout-out to Marcy for hosting Blogging Through the Alphabet.  I had a lot of fun trying to come up with a word for each letter for the last 26 weeks as well as reading posts of other bloggers who joined the fun.
Thank you Marcy!

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