Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Screwed! by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann - review

"Our jobs go to China, Foreign aid goes to our enemies.  Pakistan uses our money to fund terrorists who attack us.  Saudi Arabia, which our soldiers have defended with their lives, funds 90 percent of the world's Islamic fundamentalism.  The UN is awash in corruption; it's bureaucrats steal the money we give it with total impunity.  Fifteen hundred brave American soldiers have died defending the regime in Afghanistan - rated the second-most corrupt in the world!  Meanwhile, European bankers and bureaucrats are taking over our economy and preempting our sovereignty.

How do they get away with it?  By hiring our own political leaders, as soon as they leave office, to lobby  for them to rip us off." ~ taken from the inside of the cover

I had no idea where the United States money was going.  I had heard of this book and have always liked Dick Morris, so I decided that I would give this book a try. My eyes have been opened to a lot of corruption and deceit from countries around the world.  Dick Morris and his wife Eileen McGann did a lot of research and tell it like it is as well as give some great ideas of how to fix the problems at the end of each chapter.  If you really want to know what it going on in the world and how America is being Screwed!, I highly recommend you read this book before the national elections in November.

(Disclaimer:  I purchased this book for my own personal reading and the opinions I have expressed are my own.)

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