Saturday, July 14, 2012

Looking Back on Week 7 and 8

I have to admit that I am slacking in writing up the kids weekly lessons/activities.  Life has been going on and hopefully this next week, things will get back to normal. Well, normal for our family.

MATH:  Both Nick and Sam are doing great with their math lessons. Some complaints here and there, but over all doing great.

SPELLING:  This has been rather interesting, on my part, to watch this unfold with each lesson.  In fact, the way that the curriculum is set up, the kids enjoy the lessons and are having fun.  Who would have thought that spelling would create enjoyment on a daily basis?

READING:  Nick just finished his 2nd chapter book of the school year..."Around the World in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne.  During his reading, Nick would tell me what was going on in the story.  Nick also read other books throughout the last two weeks.  Sam is working on another Magic Tree House Book as well as "Bambi" by Feliz Salten and reading numerous books throughout the last two weeks. 

UNIT STUDY:  The kids and I are currently working through a 4 week unit study called "Vote".  I figured this is a good year to delve into the subject.  I have a feeling that the 4 weeks may turn into 6 weeks or more.  I will write more about this in weeks to come.

DADDY TIME:  During the weekdays, Nick and Sam do projects with Scott and I call this "Daddy Time".  They have been to the auto parts store a few times and helped daddy with the removal of the old bed and prepping the new bed for his pick-up truck.  They also helped him place the new bed and had a great time. 

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Nick is on a "Back To The Future" kick (again) and has drew many pictures of the delorean time machine as well as created Hill Valley with Legos.  Sam reads a lot and plays with her stuffies.  Both kids have their computer time and Sam loves to watch the "Betty Crocker" videos on creating/decorating various cakes.  Nick enjoys watching videos of, yup you guessed it, "Back to the Future" creations.

So far, with everything we have done these last 8 weeks, the kids have enjoyed the unit studies the most :)

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