Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Look Back at July

Didn't July begin yesterday?  Seems like it. 

July was a more relaxed month in regards to formal lessons.  The kids focused on their interests and it was fun watching them expand their imaginations.  Nick drew more, played with legos more, and read more.  Sam pulled out her knitting basket and made a couple of little washcloths, she encouraged me to knit a little too.  Sam also played with her stuffies, played 'Betty Crocker Kitchens' and read.

Our well ended up on the dry side so Scott had to rig an outside water tank into the house and now all we have to do is turn a valve when the well comes back online.  Scott and the kids gather water on a weekly basis.  Actually Scott gathers the water with the help of a pump and the kids play in the little river where we get the water.  Don't worry, we don't drink this water or cook with it.

Work is well, work.  This past month has been a little stressful and I am hoping that it gets better as the year goes along. 

Health-wise we are doing pretty good.  Seasonal allergies have been on the good side this year.  I had to have a couple of teeth pulled and that was good and bad at the same time. Good because I am not in pain anymore and bad because I didn't like hearing the cracks and breaks during the procedure. 

As I say good-bye to July, I welcome August with open arms.

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