Saturday, June 9, 2012

Looking Back on Week 3

Another great week (almost) behind us.  It was a meeting week for me and so lesson time with mom was not every night.

Both Nick and Sam are doing great with spelling and math. The review from the previous year math is about over and new 'problems' are now being introduced.  Nick still has one more lesson of math and spelling to finish out this week and he will be working on them today when we get home from the library.

Yesterday was 'Dentist Day' for Sam and 'Change Tire Day' for mom's Chevy. While I was with Sam, Nick was with daddy and they talked about cars and how they operate and what it takes to run a car.  When we got home, the kids observed Scott changing the tire on my vehicle.  They thought it was pretty cool to hear the air coming out of the tire.

During the week Nick and Sam rode their bikes, played "Cars 2" with legos, read books, drew pictures and played dentist...(well, Sam played dentist).

Now we are off to the library to meet up with friends and possibly head over to the thrift store...

Have a great weekend :)

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