Monday, May 21, 2012

Today is a New Year

Nick and Sam have officially started the 2012/2013 homeschool year! 

 For this school year, I had the kids help me choose the curriculum.  They both wanted to get back to Horizons math and asked to have the spelling curriculum as well.  Nick is working in Grade 3 and Sam is working in Grade 2.  Nick is actually grade 4 but I had him repeat a math grade a couple of years ago when we switched the math curriculum.  For his spelling, I wasn't sure about his level, so I chose grade 3 for this too.  Sam hasn't quite finished her grade 1 math, but she wanted to start in grade 2 this year.  We will take time doing the math, but with a little help from Fred, I think both Nick and Sam will do a good job.

As far as history and science...well the kids will be reading a lot of books and I am going to let them take the lead on these subjects.

Basically, this year will be more on the unschooling, delight-directed side.  I am comfortable with this way of learning and I am excited to learn along side Nick and Sam.

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