Friday, May 25, 2012

Looking Back on Week 1

What a great first week of our new school year.  Both Nick and Sam did a great job with their math and spelling lessons. 

Math has been more of a review, which I am grateful for.  The kids have enjoyed getting back into adding and subtracting.  Nick informed me that he does not like the 'difference' problems, but you want to know a little secret...he is awesome with the 'difference' problems.  Sam has been reviewing her counting, before and after, and tally marks.

Spelling has been an eye-opener for me.  Both Nick and Sam are enjoying each lesson and I have confirmation that this year was a good year to introduce these lessons. 

Math and Spelling are the subjects I do with the kids.  They prefer it this way and have, quite often, told me so.

During the day, while I am at work, the kids are free to do whatever they want.  This week, they helped Scott take apart old printers and power supplies from computers.  Nick learned how to operate a cordless drill/screwdriver and had fun taking things a part.  Also, the kids helped Scott fill the bed of the truck with scrap metal to take to the junk yard.  At the junkyard, Nick got in the back of the truck and helped Scott unload the scrap metal to be weighed.  Because of their help, Scott gave Nick and Sam a couple of dollars each.  The kids thought that was pretty cool.

Another thing that the kids are learning is gun safety.  Scott is teaching them about guns/rifles because we own a few and both he and I feel that the kids need to learn how to behave around guns and to also learn the rules about handling guns. The kids have had experience shooting a BB gun.  They learned about the 22 rifle this week.  They asked if they could make their own targets and Scott said 'Go for it!'.  Once the targets were made, Scott nailed the targets onto a board and set it up about 20 feet away from any objects that could be damaged from bullets.  Nick and Sam, with both Scott and I present, were allowed to shoot off a couple of rounds from the 22.  They loved it and showed us that they can follow rules and behave around guns.  Scott is the only one who loads the 22.  The following are our family rules when it comes to guns/firearms:
  1. Never point a gun at a person.
  2. Never point a gun at an object like a vehicle, house, bikes, etc.
  3. Shoot only at designated places (like the targets that our kids made)
  4. Guns are only used for safety. (this is for our family)
  5. Only daddy (Scott) will carry a gun when we hike in the woods
  6. Only daddy will load the guns
  7. Do not touch a gun without daddy or mommy's permission
  8. Nick and Sam are only allowed to shoot a gun if mommy and daddy are present
  9. Guns are always unloaded before putting away.
  10. Bullets are placed in a safe place, away from the guns
We want our children to be aware of guns and learn about them.  Our town allows people to shoot on their properties.  We hear guns going off quite a bit in the summer months as well as during hunting season.  I have grown up with guns because my family enjoyed to hunt.  I was taught to respect the gun and to obey the rules of a gun.  This is something I am hoping the kids will learn too. So is looking good.

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