Thursday, May 10, 2012

L is for...

Life of Fred!

Half way through our 2011/2012 year, my kids started to lose their enthusiasm with math. They were hitting road blocks and fighting me almost everyday to NOT do their math lessons.  The frustration level was high!  So I did what I usually do to seek guidance...I clicked over to FIAR to find out what others were using for math.  This is where I heard about Life of Fred - Elementary math series.  I read reviews and decided to give Fred a try.  There are 10 books in the elementary series and we, the kids and I, are having a blast learning about math and other tidbits found in each book.

Little did I know how much Life of Fred would change our attitudes, for the better, toward math.

Come see what others are Blogging Through the Alphabet!


  1. I have recently started Life of Fred Apples with my 5 year old, and he LOVES it! We've already done a few spin-off lessons from it, and we will most likely be investing in the rest of the elementary series!

  2. Glad your 5 year old is enjoying Fred. I love how each lesson not only teaches math, but also incorporates other subjects.

  3. Too funny - I was considering doing LOF for the letter L too. I *just* bought two LOF books for my daughter who struggles with math and doesn't like it, and so far she has been enjoying Fred!!

  4. we love love love Fred at our house!