Tuesday, May 15, 2012

End of Year Evaluations

At the end of each school year, if you happen to homeschool in NH, an evaluation is required of your 'students'.  We have a couple of options to choose from...portfolio review, standardized testing, or other review that is set up with your representing agency.

This year, I chose to have my children do standardized testing.  I am not a real fan of them, but I needed to know the strengths and weaknesses of Nick and Sam's learning this past year.  I quickly found out that their reading and comprehension is excellent, language arts are great and their sentence structure is beyond what I expected.  When it comes to math, Nick needs a little work with multiplication and Sam is right where she needs to be.

2011/2012 year is officially over!!!

2012/2013 is barely beginning with Life of Fred - Edgewood. Samantha has requested to start Horizons Math next week.  The month break between the school years has now dwindled to 2 weeks.  Thank goodness we school year round.   

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