Friday, March 9, 2012

Wrap-up Week 35

This week, the kids worked on morning lessons and a few late afternoon lessons.

MATH:  Worked on 2 chapters from Life of Fred - Dogs.  The kids also had a measuring with a tape measure exercise that their daddy helped them with.  They had a lot of fun going around the house measuring different items on a list.

COPY WORK:  The kids went above and beyond what was required of them this week.  It was their idea and they did a great job!

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Worked on a couple of words from Vocabulary Cartoons and Nick worked on his Daily Grams.

READING:  Nick finished his chapter book on Dr. Seuss and Sam read a fairy tale book and also from her book about Sacagawea.

ART:  This week I asked the kids to choose a How To Draw book or a Draw Write Now book and draw me a couple of pictures.  I am happy that they challenged themselves and they did a great job.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Sam practiced her copy work by using The Story of Ferdinand and Nick continued to draw books about time machines and rockets.

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