Friday, February 24, 2012

Wrap-up Week 33

The kids have lessons in the morning and late afternoon.  This week, the morning lessons were right on track.  The late afternoon lessons...not so much.  I take the blame for that one.

MATH:  Life of Fred - Dogs still entertains and teaches us.  I can't say it enough...We love Life of Fred!  The kids also did reviews with coins and measuring.

COPY WORK:  Improving daily and I am seeing vast improvement with each lesson.

READING:  Nick finished his chapter book. 'Who Was Neil Armstrong' and Sam read many different books.

VOCABULARY/LANGUAGE ARTS:  We only learned a couple of words this week.  The kids also did a review worksheet on contractions and mental imaging drawings.

DAILY GRAMS:  Again, we only did a couple of lessons, but learned quite a bit

READ ALOUD:  I am still reading 'Wonderstruck' to the kids.  Great story!

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Nick was on the NASA website learning about John Glenn, drew a few spaceships and made a model rocket out of paper.  Sam made puppets and put on a puppet show about the Creation Story, read several books and colored.

Next week I am hoping to be more on track with the late afternoon lessons.

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