Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrap-up Week 32

It was nice to take a break last week!  This week, the kids did a great jobs with their lessons.

MATH:  We are still working in Life of Fred-Dogs and enjoying it more everyday.  The kids also worked on even and odd numbers.

VOCABULARY:  This week the kids had their first vocabulary quiz and they did excellent.  I highly recommend Vocabulary Cartoons!

GRAMMAR:  We have started a new grammar curriculum....Daily Grams grade 3.  The kids are 4 lessons into the book and so far they really enjoy it.  I figured I would start out this way and see if anything needs to be added.  One baby step at a time!
COPY WORK:  This is coming along great.  I love the italic handwriting series Getty-Dubay.  I can tell that the kids are improving with each lesson.

READING:  The kids read several picture books and chapter books this week. 

READ ALOUD:  I am reading Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick to the kids.


DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Drawing, playing with legos, designing a rocket ship, making up their own hockey game, read books, colored, etc.

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