Friday, January 27, 2012

Wrap-up Week 30

30 weeks already?!?!?  Isn't the school year usually 36 weeks?  Wow, I guess we are going to go over that amount because I am planning on ending the year May 1st.  That is what I love about homeschool...we can have days off here and there and not miss a thing!

MATH:  This week we finished up Life of Fred-Cats.  Hoping to begin Life of Fred-Dogs next week and am patiently waiting for it to arrive in the mail.  The kids also did a review on tally marks, read books about math and helped in the kitchen with meals (measuring ingredients).

COPY WORK:  The kids finished up the lower-case exercises this week and have done extremely well with each lesson.  Looking forward to the upper-case lessons.

SCIENCE:  The kids started to learn about plants - stem, petal, roots, etc.  We didn't get to the 2nd exercise this week, but made up for it with NASA.  We watched a DVD about NASA, learned a bit about the space shuttle and discussed the Challenger disaster and Colombia disaster.  Love it when these lessons sneak up on us...all from a 25 cent purchase from the thrift store.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  I had the kids review compound words and had them do a noun scavenger hunt.  They did awesome!

READING:  The kids read several library books as well as books from our own personal library.

VOCABULARY:  This week I introduced another activity to the kids...Vocabulary Cartoons.  What an awesome book.  We have learned 4 words already and the kids are grasping onto the words and meanings. 
DELIGHT DIRECTED:  The kids read books, played with their toys, computer time, game time, helped with meals, opened savings accounts.

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