Friday, January 13, 2012

Wrap-up Week 28

What a great week of lessons:

MATH:  We continued with Life of Fred-Cats and will be wrapping up the book next week.  The kids look forward to Fred everyday.

COPY WORK:  Excellent week in hand-writing land.  I see both Nick and Sam excel with each lesson.

SCIENCE:  This week the kids learned about biomes and drew a desert biome.  They thought it was pretty cool that Antartica is a desert.

READING:  Both Nick and Sam read about 15 books each.  They read at least one during lesson time and about 3 to 4 each night before going to bed.  I am so happy that they enjoy to read.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Computer time - this week Nick found the NASA website with Buzz Lightyear as the guide.  From what Scott has told me, the site is educational, fun and the kids sit mesmerized while watching the experiments that were done on the Shuttles.  The kids also helped with meal preparations, built an elevator out of a box and yarn and as I am typing this, they are making a town out of boxes for Jessie and Buzz.

READ ALOUD:  I haven't read to them in a long time, but this week I read a book that was given to me by a pretty special little girl...

Annie is such a cute dog and she comes to visit me at work every once in a while.  The kids and I enjoyed reading Annie's story.

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