Friday, January 6, 2012

Wrap-up Week 27

2012 has started off great.  The kids were ready to begin lessons and the week went pretty smooth.

MATH:  We worked on one chapter in Life of Fred-Cats.  The kids also played games and worked with legos.

COPY WORK:  Another great week of copy work.  Love the new curriculum and so do the kids...which is always a plus.

READING:  The kids read misc library books and verbally reported what they read.

SCIENCE:  The kids were introduced to the Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Animalia.  They also made a plant cell and animal cell from items around the house.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Samantha worked on a window mosaic and Nickolas worked on legos and drawing.  They also played, read books, had daily computer time and watched a few movies.

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