Friday, November 18, 2011

Wrap-up Week 22

22 weeks of school and the year is not over!  This week the kids didn't work on too much 'school' work, but they did do some...

MATH:  3 lessons in Life of Fred-Butterflies.  They are learning about ordinal numbers, constellations, perpendicular lines and the 9's additions

COPY WORK:  I wrote out sentences for the kids to copy.  Nick started looking through books to do his own copy work.  He did a pretty good job too.  Sam did a good job with the sentences that I provided her.

READING:  The kids are doing excellent in this department!

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  drawing, coloring, making doll furniture, reading, computer time

DAD TIME:  The kids learned how to take old electronic items apart to see how they work (ie: old printers). Both Nick and Sam enjoyed doing this and look forward to doing more 'Dad Time' 

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