Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wrap-up Week 20

20 weeks into the school year...where is the time going???

MATH:  The kids are now working in Life of Fred - Butterflies.  They have completed the first 6 chapters and are doing great!

COPY WORK:  Nick seems to be slipping in this area.  Not taking his time and is using pens and crayons.  Not a very good idea.  He really needs to work on this.  So does Sam.  I am trying to figure this out and am hoping to have something concrete by the time Christmas rolls around.

READING:  No complaints here!  Nick and Sam love to read, especially at night in bed.  For instance, tonight the kids read about 10 books before I turned off the lights!

COLORING WHILE LEARNING:  I purchased 2 coloring books about the State Flowers and Birds for the kids to work on this month and next.  So far, they are doing great!

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Nick worked with his legos and made a bumblebee transformer.  He was pretty excited with his accomplishment.  Both kids played with toys, read, computer time, etc.

READ ALOUD:  We took a break from The Phantom Tollbooth and began The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  Excellent book!  We finished part 1 tonight and are looking forward to reading part 2.

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