Friday, October 21, 2011

Wrap-up Week 19

Another week come and gone...

MATH:  Nickolas completed Horizons 2 Book 2 on Wednesday.  GREAT JOB BUDDY!!!  He will be taking a break and joining Sam in the adventures of Life of Fred.  Speaking of Fred...Apples is almost completed and the kids will start Butterflies next week.

COPY WORK:  Nick continues to work in his copy work notebook.

READING:  This is coming along great for both kids.  They especially enjoy reading books in bed

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  This week, the kids built a lego city, played Battleship, read lots of books, helped cook dinner, etc.

READ ALOUD:  We are still reading The Phantom Tollbooth and enjoying each chapter.  We should be finished with it next week!

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