Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wrap-up Week 17

Week 17 and we are almost half way through the year!

MATH:  This week, I introduced Life of Fred - Apples to the kids.  So far so good!  We are on chapter 6 and are learning quite a bit.  I'll be ordering Life of Fred - Butterflies pretty soon :)  Nick has also worked on his regular lessons and has done a good job.  I'm thinking of taking a break from Horizons and just working on the Life of Fred books.  This way he will learn why we do math and not just do worksheets everyday for just because.

COPY WORK:  Nick has had good writing and not so good writing this week.  One of these days he'll figure it out.  Sam has done pretty good with her Draw Write Now books.  I love to see the picture she draws.  Each day is a different one and it is great.

READING:  The kids have been reading their library books.  I have them narrate back to me what they have read and to choose one of their favorite books so I can blog about it on our Books, Books and More Books blog.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  They played with legos, dolls, stuffed animals and played outside most of the week.

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