Saturday, October 15, 2011

Caramel Apples and Lessons Learned...

Today, the kids and I made caramel apples.  Well, I made them and the kids helped me prep the apples.  I got the recipe from the blog Women Living Well.  I saw the recipe yesterday and thought this would be a fun project.  I have to be was a fun project!!!  Thanks to Women Living Well for sharing the recipe!!!

The lessons learned from this project...

  1. This was my first attempt to make homemade caramel.  A candy thermometer is a purchase I will be making soon.  I think I overcooked the caramel because it got a little tough to drizzle or dip the apples.
  2. More counter space is least for me.  We live in a small apartment and the kitchen is not that big.
  3. Have everything prepped and ready to go before turning on the stove-top.  
  4. Have a timer near by...using the clock in the other room does not help.
 Isn't it great to try new things and learn from them as well...even when they are a sweet treat to eat!


UPDATE:  Most definitely a candy thermometer is a must!!!  The caramel was so hard that we couldn't even eat the apples.  The kids said they didn't like the caramel apples, but would rather have apples with caramel dip on the side....I have to agree with the kids on this one.

I'll not give up on trying new things because lessons are always learned!!!

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