Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wrap-up Week 15

This past week was a little different than most.  We celebrated 3 birthdays...Scott, Nick and Sam...and took Friday off!

MATH:  Nick continued to work on hundred's place addition and subtraction, graphing, multiplication, weights.  Sam worked on odds and evens and along with her math, she read 'Even Steven and Odd Todd'.  I changed her math up a bit...basically, Sam had a break from her regular workbook.  The change seemed to help her a bit. 

COPY WORK:  Nick's handwriting has improved a bit.  He does very well when he takes his time.  Sam also worked on her handwriting.  Again, I changed this up for her as well.  She used the 'Draw Write Now' books this past week and did a great job.  All I asked her to do was choose one sentence out of four to write that corresponds with the picture she drew.

READING:  Amelia Bedilia was the choice this week.  Both Nick and Sam really enjoy this book and love the 'lists'

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Drawing, Painting, Reading, Legos, Helping with cooking,

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