Friday, September 16, 2011

Wrap-up Week 14

Another week has come and gone...

MATH:  Nickolas worked on his lessons and took math test #14.  He has two more tests and then moves onto the next level...Math 3 Book 1.  I'll be ordering it within the next few weeks.  Samantha gave me difficulty this week with her math lessons.  I think it is because she looks at all the problems and feels overwhelmed.  I'm thinking on doing something different but not sure what it will be.

COPY WORK:  Nick has been paying attention to his writing and is coming along great.

READING:  Nick and Sam read misc library books all week.  They do the bulk of their reading in bed right before bedtime.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Painting, playing outside, catching toads (Sam doing the catching), helping dad with the building project, reading, legos, computer time.

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