Friday, September 9, 2011

Trip to Maine - Part 4

Day 3 began a little later than Day 2, at least for me anyway.  Around 9:30am, Uncle Paul picked us up and took us to breakfast.  After breakfast, he drove us to Blue Hill, ME.  What was at Blue Hill you ask?  A fair.  This fair comes every year during the Labor Day weekend.  When I think of a fair, I picture farm animals, arts and crafts, know 4H stuff.  This fair was mainly rides and a few exhibitions.  We did see some of the sheep dog trials.  That was pretty cool.  Unfortunately we were unable to see the Horse pull trials.  It was standing room only and I knew the kids would not like to go if they couldn't see the horses.  The following pictures are from the fair...

Nick and Sam really loved the bumper cars.  Sam had a tough time getting the car to go, but once she figured it out, she was on a roll.  Nick was having a great time bumping into other cars, especially ones that bumped into Sam.

We left the fair and went to a place to drive Go-Karts.  I had never driven one and because Sam was too small, I had the opportunity to try.  Scott and Nick were in one and Sam and I were in another.  We had the track to ourselves and had a great time. 

After Go-Karting, Uncle Paul took us back to the hotel to rest.  We had dinner around 7:30 that night at the Ground Round.  Nick was pretty tired at dinner, so I took him back to the hotel and we both just laid down and watched "Shrek".  Scott and Sam returned a little later and all of us snuggled under the covers and watched a bit of tv.

This was Day 3...tomorrow will be the final post of our trip to Maine.

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