Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trip to Maine - Part 3

The continuation of Day 2 -

After we got back to the hotel, Nick and Sam asked to go swimming.  Scott and I took them to the hotel pool and the kids had fun splashing around and playing in the water.  Nick was trying to be brave and put his head under the water.  He would go away from the edge of the pool and walk around. (the deepest part of the pool was 4 1/2 feet) All of a sudden I saw his head go under and then his arms start flapping.  I then noticed him starting to panic.  Apparently he opened his eyes under the water and couldn't see too well.  He was able to doggy paddle a little bit, but because of  his panic, he wasn't getting too far.  I was able to reach him from the side of the pool and pull him out.  He was white as a ghost and a bit shaken up.  The first thing he said to me was "Thank you for saving my life!".  The following are a few pictures before Nick's incident:

After the kid's swimming adventure, Uncle Paul picked us up and took us to Fort Knox.  This fort was built in 1846 and used during the Civil War and Spanish American War.  The kids had a pretty good time running around.  Did I forget to mention that the rules stated that No Running Aloud!.  The following pictures are from the Fort...

 The entrance to Fort Knox

 "No running, kids!"

 One of many canons that we saw.  This was a small one!
The American Flag is inside the Fort at the top.  Nick and I walked the perimeter, or I should say...Nick walked/run and I walked fast to keep up with him.  He stopped at the flag and by the time I caught up to him, Nick had his right hand over his heart and was saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  He really emphasized "Under God".  This moment in time is something I'll never forget.

To end our 2nd day, Uncle Paul took us to a Chinese Restaurant and my kids ate American.  Go figure!

Stayed tuned for Day 3...

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