Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trip to Maine - Part 2

Day 2 started very early in the morning...as in 6:00am.  That is when the kids woke up, as well as Scott.  I had hardly slept and knew that sleeping in was out of the question.  Uncle Paul came and picked us up around 8:30 to go to breakfast.  We ate at a small mom and pop restaurant and then headed to a farm to see some animals and walk through a corn maze. 

 Although you can't see them, Nick is looking at the chickens and ducks.

Sam is trying to feed two goats at the same time.  I was told that they don't like grass, but as you can see...the goats are enjoying their treat!

After seeing the animals, Nick, Sam and I went onto the Corn Maze.  I have never been in one and since Scott stayed behind with Paul, I was the designated leader.

The maze was interesting to say the least.  After a few twists and turns, Sam started to panic and wanted to go back the way we came. Uh...I don't think so, because I couldn't even figure out where we were and we even had a maze map to help us.  Luckily we found another family and hooked up with them.  This family (unfortunately I forgot their names) helped us get to the end of the maze.  Not sure when we will attempt another one.  Perhaps Scott will take the kids the next time.

Before we left the farm, I took a few pictures of some goats. Well, two in particular.  The first goat was so cute and sweet to pet.  The second goat (multi-colored) wanted her picture taken too.

Tomorrow I will post the rest of Day 2...

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