Friday, August 5, 2011

Wrap-up Week 9

This week the kids worked on the basics:

MATH:  Nickolas worked on addition, subtraction, multiplication, pre-algebra, shapes, and money.  He took test 12 and had a little difficult time with the 3-D shapes (cylinder, sphere, cube, etc).  Samantha also worked on addition, subtraction and graphing.  She took test 10 and did a great job.

COPY WORK:  Nickolas is still working in his Manners book.  His writing is not improving at all.  He will continue to work in this book until I make a decision on what handwriting curriculum to choose.  Samantha didn't do copy work this week.  She does practice her letters and also wrote her grandparents a letter.

READING:  Nickolas is reading The Boxcar Children and Samantha is reading misc library books.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Nick worked on drawing and making books, played with legos, computer time.  Sam played with her toys, arts and crafts and computer time as well.

We didn't do any language arts this week.  I am hoping to get back on track with this next week.


  1. we loved the Boxcar Children series at our house, fun!

  2. The Boxcar Children was my very first chapter book. I remember being so happy that I read it all by myself!