Friday, August 26, 2011

Wrap-up Week 12

This week the kids were feeling much better.  There were a few squabbles in not wanting to do a lesson here and there, but the kids did them and all is good:

MATH:  Both Nick and Sam had a test this week and they both did very well.  Nick continues to work on thousand place addition and subtraction, multiplication, pre-algebra and measuring.  Sam continues to work on hundreds place addition, subtraction, measuring and graphing.

COPY WORK:  Nick worked on his copy work from his work book.  Most of his entries were pretty good, except for today when he used marker.

READING:  Nick is almost done with The Boxcar Children and Sam continues to read misc library books.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  The kids mainly played

Next week will be an off week..shhh the children don't know yet ;)

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