Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wrap-up Week 10

Another week has come and gone and mid-August is upon us.  The kids worked on the following lessons:

MATH:  Nickolas took math test 12, started working on centimeters, and more practice on addition, subtraction, multiplication, roman numerals and pre-algebra.  Samantha took math test 10 and also worked on addition, subtraction, graphing, telling time and measuring inches.

COPY WORK:  Nickolas is still plugging away in his copy work book.  I haven't purchased anything new yet, as mentioned in the last wrap-up week. 

READING:  Nickolas has been reading The Boxcar Children and will be finishing it up this next week.  He is enjoying it and I love to hear about each chapter he is reading.  Samantha is reading misc books from the library and her reading is coming along as well.

LANGUAGE ARTS:  Nickolas worked on Lesson 7...copy work of a poem, spelling words with the 'ou' (count, ground, bought, etc), contractions, and what doesn't belong (knife, fork, cup, spoon)

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  Not so much of this going on this week.  The kids did computer time, helped unload the dishwasher a few times, helped me make brownies, also helped with daddy by moving boards for our building project for 2011.

PLAY-DATES:  The kids had a couple of play-dates this week.  The first one was with Grayson.  He is the grandson of our friends, Hank and Judy. The kids played great together...having fun with water, picking blueberries, playing bat and ball, etc.  The second one was with their library friend, Colin.  We met up at Canaan Library today and spent a good 1 1/2 hours visiting.

All in all...a good week of learning!

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