Monday, August 1, 2011

Media Monday: Media and Homemaking

First I want to say is...I am not the greatest homemaker.  I wish I could make a gourmet meal every night for dinner, menus planned out for each week, had the spotless living room, books all lined up evenly on the bookshelf, kitchen sparkly cleaned every single day, kids room always neat and clean, etc...OK, I am tired from reading all of that, are you?  Do you know where I get all these wishes from....the media.  Especially blogs, websites and yes, even facebook.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading blogs. They are a highlight of my day.  The pictures that are posted on some of the blogs I read are beautiful and I think to my self..."I wish I could live that way" or "I wish my life was altogether like that" or even "Wow, that family really has it together".  This is where I start to pit myself against myself...a negative effect.  And when I do this, my happiness level starts dropping to unhappiness very fast and I turn off the computer. 

The positive...I enjoy cleaning the house, folding and putting away clothes, and cooking to background noise from either a movie on the t.v. or listening to the radio.  My kids get into the rhythm of cleaning with me and when momma is happy, everyone is happy. 

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