Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wrap-up Week 7

This week the kids worked on the following:

MATH:  Nickolas continued his math work...working on add, sub, mult and pre-algebra exercises. He also took Test 11 and did a really good job.  Samantha also continued working on add and sub.  She also took Test 9 and did a really good job.

COPY WORK:  Nickolas continues to work on this daily.  I can tell when he rushes and takes his time.   Samantha has done a little copy work this week and also coloring in a Bird Book.

READING:  Both kids are doing really good with this.  The kids are signed up for the Reading Program with Canaan Library and have been working on their Reading Bingo Cards.  They have about 4 books to go before getting 3 Bingos. 

LANGUAGE ARTS THROUGH LANGUAGE ARTS:  We finished up Lesson 4 and started Lesson 5, which is a review.  We didn't finish it this week and will probably go onto Lesson 6 this next week.

DELIGHT DIRECTED:  The kids played with Lego's, drawing, sewing, reading, etc.

Hopefully next week we will be more on track with LA...

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