Friday, July 1, 2011

Wrap-up Week 4

This week the kids worked on the following...

Math:  Nickolas continued to work on addition and subtraction as well as multiplication (1,2,5,10 and introduced to 3 and 6).  He also worked on roman numerals and shapes.  Samantha finished up Math 1 Book 1 and took test 8 this week.  Great job Sam!!!

Copy Work:  Both kids are improving daily.  Nick works in his workbook and Sam works on sayings that I choose for her to copy.

Language Arts Through Literature:  Lesson 3 - adding suffix -ed to words ending in y, cause and effect, proper nouns, compound words and a bit of copy work

Reading:  Both kids read at least 1 book a day and I have noticed that Sam is challenging herself more and more each day.  The confidence I see in both kids is wonderful.

Delight Directed:  Computer Time, Lego's, playing board games, helping with meal preparations

Great job this week Nick and Sam!!!

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