Monday, July 11, 2011

Media Monday: Media and my walk with God

Each morning, when the sun is streaming into the bedroom window, I am awakened by the stillness of the day.  I get out of bed and the first thing I do... is turn on the computer to check email, facebook and blogs that I follow.  I spend a half hour reading/catching up on news, the weather for the day, my friend's lives, etc. that were missed from the last time I logged on. I have done this every morning for the last couple of years.

As I sit here and ponder the questions about Media and My Walk with God, I realize that I can do better in my walk.  I don't need to turn on the computer in the morning.  I can open my Bible and read and study my scriptures. I can mediate in peaceful silence.   During these next 8 weeks, I have decided to start my mornings with God and not worry about missing something in the Media.  It will be there when I log-in later in the day.  My walk with God is too important to put aside.

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