Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wrap-up Week 2

This week found us doing the following:

Math:  Nickolas continued doing worksheets and started learning his 3X's tables.  Samantha is coming along with her math and took her first test of the year.  She made a couple of mistakes, but was able to sit down with me to correct them.

Copy-Work:  The kids pick and choose what they will copy-work and I check it each day when I get home from work.  Nick does pretty long as he takes his time and concentrates.  Sam does her best with penmanship but needs to work on it a bit more. (i'll explain later in the post)

Reading:  So far, the kids are doing great with their selections.  I can tell that their reading improves daily.

Language Arts through Literature:  This week we worked on Lesson 1...nouns and proper nouns as well as copy-work, a few spelling words and a bit of reading.  This is mainly for Nick, but Sam does tag along.  The lessons were short and sweet and so far well received. 

Delight Directed:  Nickolas painted with watercolors and made a great picture of a car with passengers.  He also continued to work on drawing.  Samantha is undertaking a knitting project.  She knits a couple of rows each day and sometimes at bedtime.  She also decided that she wanted to learn to tie shoes.  

This week the kids had their 2010-2011 portfolio review.  Scott had to take them because I was working.  I did speak to the evaluator and received a good report.  The only thing that she felt the kids needed work on, especially Samantha, was their penmanship.  The evaluator gave us some writing paper for Sam and we will start using this.  In fact, I had Sam use it yesterday and she did a great job. 

 Week 2 was a pretty good week!

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