Thursday, June 30, 2011

Had A Scare...

This afternoon, about 5 minutes before I came home, Samantha called me in tears saying, "Blackie got out and we can't find him".  I could hear her heart breaking as well as Nick's.  I got home as quick as I could to help calm the kids and to try and find Blackie. 
We looked around the house, called him, but no answer.  We did this for about an hour.  I was able to get the kids inside to begin our afternoon lessons.  About 5 minutes later, Scott called me to the side door that goes into the garage and guess who was sitting next to our oil guessed it...Blackie.  I walked over to him and he was covered with cobwebs and car gunk. I had a feeling that during the time we were looking for him, he was under the car in the garage, rolling all over the floor. 
I brought Blackie into the house and the kids had huge smiles of their faces and tears of happiness.

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