Friday, May 6, 2011

Firsts and Last

Yesterday, Nickolas had an appointment with the dentist to fill his first cavity.  I was unable to go with him, but the report I got from Scott was that Nick did a great job at being brave.  Samantha sat beside Nick and held his hand during the whole procedure. 

Today, Nickolas learned how to whistle.  He has tried the last year or so to whistle and all that would come out of his mouth was a very high pitched noise...and no it was NOT a whistle.  Nick surprised himself when an actual whistle came from his mouth.  Ne never gave up trying.

Now for the Last...

Today was the last day of lessons for the 2010-2011 homeschool year.  We began the year in June 2010 and I would have to say that the year ended up being pretty good.  I had made plans at the beginning of the school year, but as most people know, plans can change...and they did.  The kids did bare minimum...Math, Reading and Copywork.  Don't get me wrong, they did do other stuff throughout the year...Library visits, errands, playdates at the park, help with the cooking, started to prep for a garden, art projects, field-trips, computer time, etc.

Nick and Sam are looking forward to a 3 week break.  During the break, they will be helping with the prep of the garden, reading, cooking, cleaning around the house and possibly helping with the building project that Scott is taking on...addition to our house (that is a post in itself).

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