Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drawing a Line

Sometimes as parents, we have to draw lines in the sand. Today was one of those days.  First I need to back up to what happened last Saturday...

Every Saturday the kids and I do the same routine...Bank, Library and Grocery Store.  I haven't had any behavior problems with the first 2 items, but when it comes to the Grocery store, the listening seems to cease with the kids.  Whenever we go to the store, I always remind the kids about listening to me, staying with the shopping cart and getting along.  I had warned the kids the previous shopping trip that they had better behave or else.  Well, last Saturday we were in the store not 2 minutes when Nick and Sam started arguing over who would push the cart first, pushing each other out of the way and not listening to me.  We almost left the store, but because the store is 30 minutes away from where we live, I couldn't afford to bring them home and then return to finish shopping.  So I decided to "draw a line in the sand".  Their stay home the following week and I will go grocery shopping alone.

Fast forward to today...Nick and Sam asked me all week if they could go shopping with me today and the answer was always no.  They even asked today and I still said "No".  The crocodile tears were flowing from each child, but I held firm in my decision. I told them that I love them too much to allow them to disobey and that today is a lesson they needed to learn.

Did they learn their lesson?  Next week I will find out.

Drawing a line in the sand is my least favorite part of parenting.   

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  1. That is my least favorite part of parenting also. Hugs!