Monday, April 25, 2011

Plans for the Week

Monday morning again and all is quiet.  Besides Blackie, I am the only one awake.  Scott and the kids are snuggled under the covers and sleeping peacefully.

This week will be a normal working week for me and a normal lesson's week for the kids.  In fact, the kids only have 2 more weeks of lessons for this school year.  The year went fast and it is hard to believe that when we start up again, I'll have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader.

Besides working and lessons,  there will be cleaning to do.  I am hoping that Scott will finish up a few things around the apartment...door on the bathroom, finish up the kitchen wall, put either a shelf up or cupboard in the kitchen, etc.  Yes, I do clean the apartment weekly, but cleaning this week is above and beyond what I usually do.  Why is that?  My parents are coming for a visit next weekend.  The kids are so excited to see Grandma and am I. (Scott will be traveling to RI to work, meet up with a few friends and bring stuff back home)

Another plan for myself is to read a book and finish it.   I have checked several books from the library and have not opened the cover.  They sit here for 3 weeks waiting for me to read them and end up getting returned to the library without being opened.  Well, this time I am planning on finishing the latest book I checked out.  I have read it before...about 11+ years ago.  I started reading it over the weekend and am already 100+ pages into it.  What am I reading?  Left Behind by LaHaye and Jenkins.  I never finished the series.  I think I stopped on book 6 and couldn't go on because of the "darkness" of the book.  Perhaps I'll finish the series this time, but for now reading a book from cover to cover is my main goal.

Here's to a good Monday to all  :) 

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