Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Plans for New School Year

Nick and Sam will be finished with this school year at the end of this month (April).  It has been an interesting year to say the least.  The year started in June with great intentions...study units, living books, nature study, math, reading, copy work, games, delight directed.  June, July and August went well.  The kids and I had a lot of fun learning many wonderful things.  Then September came and things changed for our family.  A full-time job landed in my lap and Scott became the stay at home  homeschool parent.  The kids have been doing very basic since September (Math, reading, copywork).

A new year will be upon us soon and I have made a few additions to their days and am hoping this all works out.  The following is what I am planning for our new year:

Nick - 3rd grade
  • Reading  - daily
  • Math - Horizons Grade 2 Book 2 and Grade 3 Book 1 - daily
  • Times Tales as a supplement for when Nick is learning multiplication
  • Copy work - daily
  • Language Arts through Literature - Yellow Book - at least 3 days a week with me either after work or on the weekends
Sam - 1st grade
  • Reading - daily
  • Math - Horizons Grade 1 Book 1 and Book 2 - daily
  • Copy work - daily
  • Language Arts through Literature - Yellow Book - I am leaving this up to her.  I had an extra copy and told Sam that she can tag a long if she wants too.
Nick and Sam together:

 We will do this through out the year.  I also purchased the activity book so that we can do a few activities along the way.

Story Starters - possibly one time a week, depending on the week.

Nature Study/Science - we plan on planting a vegetable and flower garden this summer.  The kids will be taking care of the garden for the summer and little during the fall. 

Delight directed learning for both - cooking, crafts, computer, and anything that comes to mind.

Here's to a new year of lessons

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